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Tour Itinerary

See below to check the training, travel and match dates for the tour


October 2022

Short range training with the full squad

November 2022

Online training - plotting and wind reading session 

April 2023

Short and long range training with the full squad

Pre-tour matches

April 2023

National-style match vs English XX Lions

April 2023

Kolapore-style match vs English XX Lions

24 May 2023

Match vs LMRA

By this point, the team will have fired 2447 rounds in training and matches, converting at least 132 sighters.


25-26 May 2023

Ferry to Jersey, R&R

27-29 May 2023

Jersey Spring Open

29 May 2023

Kolapore-style match vs JRA


30-31 May 2023

Ferry to Guernsey, R&R

1-3 June 2023

Guernsey Spring Open

3 June 2023

Kolapore-style match vs GRC

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