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Tsometning more travel

Last two days of May.

What a way to finish month end. Following the end of the Jersey meeting, the team had their travel and rest days.

On the 30th, after a lie in a leisurely breakfast, the team checked out of their hotel and decided a seaside spot of lunch sounded ideal. We headed to Faulkners Fisheries to enjoy a fabulous fish barbecue in a wartime bunker with sea views. The sun was shining, the food glorious and all the team had some very garlicky breath after - but it was superb!

After this most of the team headed to one of the German Occupation Museums for a wander about, followed by some fabulous icecream. The rest of the team enjoyed some seaside coffees, followed by a snooze in the sun.

The evening ferry to Guernsey was the ideal time for a team de-brief on the previous day's match. The management team were very proud that the shooters decided to take responsibility for their shooting and organised their own debrief and lessons-learnt session, which they then fed back. A wise use of a ferry crossing! And the sunset arrival to Guernsey was beautiful.

The 31st was the team's rest day in Guernsey, where some well deserved rest was indeed needed! Thankfully, the hotel had a spa, so it was jacuzzi/sauna/steam room and massages all round! Plus some time for some sightseeing in town and some shopping for Guernsey Pearls.

The evening was a team dinner at The Slaughter House - which multiple team members regretted ordering limited dinners and so upgraded to 3 courses. Let’s hope our bellies have reduced in the morning or by the time we get to the range tomorrow afternoon for the first shoot of the Guernsey Spring Meeting, we will be wobbling on the firing point!

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