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T3 A Visit to Les Landes

Day 2 of shooting in Jersey, means a very early start for Long Range at Les Landes.

As expected on an island, it was rather windy even at 8am for the first detail. It was a fresh 10-12 minutes of wind at 900x, followed by 8-14 at 1000x. It was blowing pretty constant, but if you did get caught in a dip or a gust, it was going to get you out good!

Euan was a prime example example of this, in his Magpie (3) at 1000x. However, at least it was better than his Outer (2) at 900x!

Ed Feast also produced a good prime effort in getting 3 Magpies in one shoot.

Sasha had a cracking 50.7 at 900x, his first competitive self coached possible at long range, finishing with a 104.14. He REALLLYYY wished it was only a 2&10 shoot, not 2&11, at 1000x when he dropped his last to count after wishfully ignoring a dip in the flags. That point dropped him to a very respectable 2nd in the Long Range Agg, and second in the full days Agg (one point behind, but ahead on Vs, of Chris Watson in first).

The afternoon was a good steady afternoon of shooting for the team at 200x & 500x. Unlike day 1, there were much fewer mishaps and all seemed pretty sensible. Rob Edwards showed some outstanding poise with 50.9 at 500x - coming 4th in the Percy Whittaker trophy.

After a very early morning, the team stopped for dinner on the way back from the range, with Sasha, Rob and Ed W. firmly in the top 10 of the Grand. The next day had the final individual shoots and the Team matches, so Team of 8 and Pairs were announced after dinner, with a pep-from Captain James. Anticipation was high so all went sent for an early night so full team drills wouldn’t include team naps the next day.

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