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T2 Captain’s log

CAPTAINS LOG - 28th May 2023.

It is the anniversary of my birth. I arrived at the Crabbe Range for the first day of the Jersey Spring Meeting, with team in tow. To my astonishment, there was an unexpected change in the Captains uniform for the day. I have to say, I felt utterly fabulous in my new look!

The day was spent leisurely enjoying all the sun and wind Jersey had to offer. I struggle to recall the full account of the days spectacular occasions, as the numbers were so vast! However, for the purpose of the Captains Log I must summarise for prosperity the highlights:

Mr Dickson achieved the first scoring Magpie for the team at 200x.

Miss Pope was then getting jealous of Mr Dicksons achievements so she also pushed for a Mapgie for her last to count at 200x.

Mr Vonchek kept the magpie game strong at 300x.

Mr Evans decided the best way to avoid the magpie was by breaking two electronic targets in his first 3 shots at 200x.

Mr Radkovskii took it even further trying to avoid shooting at all!! He first asked if anyone had seen his rifle he had “lost” (he was carrying it on his person while asking this), and then forgetting his bolt as well.

Mr Munro decided to claim the alternative prize by making the teams first cross-shot at 200x.

Following Mr Munro's efforts, and not to be outdone, I lived up to my title of Captain CrossFire at 600x to end my days shooting. However, I was then to be outdone by Adj Ashworth who cross shot twice at 600x in the same shoot!!

However, the ultimately sore conclusion today must have been Mr Dyball dropping is last at 600x to drop from 1st to 4th in the Daily Agg. He must now watch the silverware be presented to another.

Despite me enforcing to the team the importance of a good wind zero, I did also find out today that I have a 4 minute wind zero at 200x…. I think I best get to work on the math for this…. But first, I think it’s time for a post shoot beverage, some din dins and some cake. Because, it’s is my birthday after all!

Capt’n Jamesy

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