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T1 - very restful day in Jersey

24 hours after arriving in Jersey - the team have decided the diets have gone out of the window, and no one needs a beach body.

This morning, however, the super keen fit youths in the group decided to make a last ditch attempt to allow for the numerous indulgences by going for runs around St Helier. The rest decided to have a fat breakfast before heading to the Jersey War Tunnels for a very touching history lesson.

Next step was a trip to Crabbe just to get any kit organised and to get logged into the SilverMountain system. A thank you to JRA Captain is in order for giving up part of his Friday afternoon to do this.

It would have been rude to not pop to Colleens cafe for a seaside lunch, prior to our first bit of shooting - some pistols and carbines!

A most lovely afternoon was then had by all, with Mr Bird winning the Jersey Spoon as top pistol shot after a nail biting first place tie-shoot with Mr Welford, and Mr Dickson winning the best grouping of the day! (Shame that wasn’t during the competition….).

To finish the day on another tasty note, a visit to Corbiere Phare for dinner with a sunset sea view and exchanging our tour sunglasses - more photos to come!

Seems like a good omen ready for Day 1 of Jerseys Spring Meeting tomorrow.

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