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Match Day and Message 10

3 June

Today saw the end of the Guernsey Open. The morning was a Guernsey Kings 3, with 2+15s at 500 and 600yds. Sasha had a cracking shoot, coming 2nd to Adam Norman on V’s, both on 148 ex.150 to finish off his run of great individual shooting all tour (with so many 2nd places!).

This then concluded the Grand Aggregate. In the end, the NRA team had the top 4 places in the Grand Agg, with Ed Welford as the deserved overall winner after an outstanding meeting, narrowly beating Sasha by 1 point (silver suits him!).

After lunch, the NRA and Guernsey teams headed to the firing point at 300 yards to commence with a King’s 2 style team match. One member of the reserve pair was unfortunately unable to compete due to an injury, but the Team’s Adjutant stepped in and put in a cracking 50.3, which was only 1 V-Bull less than his fellow pair, Ed Feast who put in a 50.4.

The team of 8 had a rocky start at 300x with all now feeling the exhaustion of an intense shooting programme and lots of food. The conditions at 500x were very challenging as the wind machine kicked in and the very exposed firing point meant gusting and buffeting like you’ve never seen! The team struggled with this, before putting in a superb range score of 391.46 ex. 400.80 at 600x.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to beat the Guernsey Rifle Club on this occasion, with the hosts showing us how it’s done - finishing on 1166.106 to the NRA’s 1144.107. However, we did end up winning the Reserve Pairs match by 3 points in a tight race! Well done to Ed Feast and Ian ‘Super Sub’ Ashworth!

The highest individual score on the range was from Sasha, coached by Kim, dropping only 1 point at 500x to get a score of 149.18. Extraordinary in those conditions!

After the match, the GRC put on wonderful BBQ for the team at the clubhouse. The prize giving then took place, with the Captains making speeches presenting gifts to the other team.

Leaving Guernsey is always a bittersweet moment for any touring team and goodbyes took the better part of half an hour, before the team headed for the ferry. We returned to Bisley about 3am Sunday morning after a long and thoroughly enjoyable tour.

A massive thank you to all involved who made this happen, and to our generous hosts. The team have shown some great development this year and it’s a testimony to our Channel Island neighbours that they had the chance to do so.

That’s Message 10 for another year folks!

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