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Guernsey 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Our first shoot on the picturesque Fort Le Marchant range in Guernsey started swiftly after lunch today, with the morning spent by all team members catching up on sleep, having a hefty breakfast and in some cases, a full body massage.

Similar to our match day in Jersey, the wind conditions were....tricky. Being described by local GRC shooters as some of the worst gusting wind they had seen, the team had to put in a lot of effort to save points, not helped in the slightest by rifle and electronic target issues.

The first shoot of the day was a 2&10 at 300 yards, where most team members had to remind themselves to actually look at the (singular) flag and not just center their groups. After a quick rifle fix involving a file and a spare washer, the team moved to 600x for a 2nd 2&10. There, the team seemed to get to grips with the conditions, generally improving greatly at the 2nd distance.

A special mention to Sasha with a cracking 50.8 at 600x with a nail biting unregistered shot, meaning he had to shoot his 8th again, to finish VVV.

Post shoot, the team enjoyed a well earned trip to the jacuzzi, sauna and a driving range to try out the wind conditions with golf balls instead of bullets. All to play for with the start of the Guernsey Spring Grand tomorrow morning!

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