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Updated: May 26, 2023


Yesterday the team arrived at the North London Rifle Club to rendezvous for lunch before the traditional LMRA v NRA match.

Well…. If we needed some wind coaching practise and team drills - that was the day for it! The flags were lying and the wind was flicking through zero - plus some vague rifle malfunctions - made an interesting match!

So interesting… that both teams had the same score….

LMRA - 772.73v

NRA - 772.79v

The top shots from today:

Nick Mace - 99.13v

Richard Dyball - 99.9v

We then had some team car packing, a holiday beer, and then a lovey dinner hosted by the LMRA.

A big thank you to the LMRA team and clubhouse staff for a great match and fantastic dinner!

After an early bedtime, the team have loaded all cars at 5:30am and are now ready to depart camp to catch the ferry for Jersey .

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