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It's a Grand Knockout

Back for a twelfth year - the knockout competition based on scores made in competitions in the Grand Aggregate.


Winner: £250
Runner-up: £150
Losing Semi-Finalists: £ 50

Plus! The Top handicapped score in each Daily Aggregate will win: £ 25 (even if you’ve been knocked out!) (Sun, Mon & Tue)

Knockout Rules:

  • In each round the winner in each pair is the person with the highest score after the handicap has been added.

  • If scores are tied, the person in the lower class wins.

  • If both shooters are in the same class, the person with the higher handicap score in the previous round wins.

  • If the previous round scores were the same, then each successive previous round is the tie breaker, except in the first round, when the person with the lowest index number wins.

  • If you are drawn against yourself, you win that round!  The draw will be split – all your entries will appear in only one half of the draw, so that no-one will be able to meet themselves in the final.

  • Daily Aggregate: The highest handicap score of ALL entrants wins, even if you have been knocked out of the main draw.

  • If tied, the person in the lowest class wins. If still tied, the tie is decided by countback of scores including handicap, starting at the longest range.

O or T class?

Don’t worry! There’s a Handicap system to give you a fair chance! With the handicap applied, scores above the maximum for the competition can be achieved.

 2016/21 winners were O    .
2018/22 winners were T     

It Works!

In 2019 the
last 8 included:
3 Class X
1 Class A
2 Class O
2 Class T

In 2012 a Tyro won £400!

Knockout entry prices.jpg

If you would like to enter, please leave your name, phone number and number of entries below, including your TRID and Imperial squadding number (if known) in the Further Information section (if known), as well as preferred method of payment so the team can get in touch with you about your entry!

Thanks for submitting!

Round details

1 - Daily Telegraph

2 - Alexandra

3 - Corporation

4 - Daily Mail

5 - Times

6 - Duke of Cambridge

7 - Prince of Wales

9 - Lovell

10 - Wimbledon T.R.

11 - HM The King's I

8 - St George's I

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