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Items below are part of the lot that will be auctioned off to support the team during Ithe 154th Imperial Meeting at Bisley.


Rocking Horse

A masterfully hand-crafted rocking horse, strong and stable for the most adventurous toddler, or perhaps the closest some will get to a ride on the chair!


Clearview Scopes & Stands - Stand donated new

A stand from Clearview Scopes & Stands kindly donated by Simon Shouler, same model as used by current tour members. Scope not included!


HPS rifle bag
donated new

One HPS padded rifle bag to fit a long barrelled rifle, donated in support of the tour by one of the members after mistakenly ordering two for themselves.

Magpie Gin
donated new

One of the last surviving bottles of Ruddy Magpie, donated by our Captain for presentation to the person who correctly identifies the photos from the printed brochure.


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Your item here?

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